San Simeon Earthquake RAMP

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Researchers from Crustal Studies deployed several remote seismic stations in the days following this event. The first station was deployed within about 12 hours of the M6.5 main shock.

The following links will provide more detailed information:
Misc photos concerning the earthquake and our sites. Data and preliminary event associations.
Reftek systems status. Map of the sites with aftershock seismicity
Catalogs for San Simeon

Stations List
PRWDPaso Robles Water District service yard35.62757 -120.68492 184.8Reftek 72A-08 0630
WSRVWest Side Reservoir35.63508 -120.69909 251.6Reftek 72A-08 0593/1043
PRCPPaso Robles County Park35.62592 -120.69023 191.3Reftek 72A-08 0717/0631
AFS1Atascadero Fire Station #135.49165 -120.66853 229.6Reftek 72A-08 0416
CPLCambria Pines Lodge35.55930 -121.08001 79Q330
SLCCSan Luis Obispo Community Center35.28429 -120.66111 47.8Reftek 72A-08 0884
SSCBSan Simeon Creek Bridge35.59320 -121.12503 3Reftek 72A-08 0883
HERBDr. Herb Adams35.6802 -120.7103 241.2Reftek 72A-07 8074
JEFFJeff Grover residence35.3276 -120.8234 9.4Reftek 72A-02 0385

This is an event seen on all four of the reftek stations deployed at the time. Three of the stations triggered on the strong motion sensors as well!

We want to acknowledge the incredible amount of help we got from the Paso Robles Water Department crew. They were instrumental in getting the sites deployed in such a timely fashion.

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