Last updated February 08, 2007

International workshop on comparative studies of the North Anatolian Fault and the San Andreas Fault (Southern California)

Istanbul Technical University, Maslak Campus

Workshop August 14 to 16, field trips August 17 and 18

Organized by Milene Cormier, Christopher Sorlien, Leonardo Seeber, Naci Gorur, and Cenk Yaltirak. See Agenda for coordinating committee

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February 08 2007 notes: Let us know about any ongoing collaborations, especially those that were aided by the workshop. I have sent a few emails following the January workshop in Los Angeles on the Southern San Andreas fault. One of the tasks of that workshop was to define a geometry and slip distribution for a M7.8 earthquake on that fault. Research has shown that parts of the San Andreas fault are non-vertical, and so ground motion will eventually be modeled for varying dip along the fault. In my pre-workshop visit to Kandilli Observatory and Marmara Research Center, I was shown seismic reflection images of the North Anatolian fault southeast of Istanbul, where it is non- vertical. So, I am encouraging collaboration in modeling ground motion from the two systems.

Click here for valuable travel information from web site of the "Sixth DPRI-IIASA Forum on Integrated Disaster Risk Management being held at Bogazici University in Istanbul the same week: August 13-17

Note that when I travelled to Istanbul at the end of May 2006 as a USA citizen that I was able to just pay $20 cash at the Ataturk airport for a Visa: Go to the Visa line before going through Immigration. You may choose to confirm for yourselves that this is still the case.

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Earthquake Research Center where conference will be held
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Ganos Field Trip, August 18, the red line shows route. You must register for this field trip, see agenda for registration information. (email Yaltirak, Sorlien, Cormier to reserve places) You should also register for the August 17 Izmit field trip.

See Agenda (link above) for details of both field trips. Click here to view or download a .pdf showing the field trip route. pdf version

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