Hector Mines Seismic Array Deployment


Seismic stations were deployed along two main arrays on the 29 Palms Marine base starting October 29, 1999. The initial deployment was completed in the initial two days allowed by the marines. Each deployment volunteer participated in an initial briefing by the marines. The briefing included how to spot and avoid unexploded ordinances, an unwelcome factor of field work on an active marine base.

The deployment consisted of two main seismic arrays. The southern array was located in Bullion Wash along the Southern end of the fault. This array consists of forty seismometers. The nortern array is located in Bullion Mountains and consists of 22 instruments.

Cooperative Effort

Researchers, students and staff from UCSB, USC, UCLA, UCSD, SDSU and USGS participated in the deployment and maintenance of two separate arrays.

The two arrays were operated in parallel in two different areas of the 29 Palms Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MGAGCC). The more southern array, the Bullion Wash Array was managed by Dr. Jamison Steidl of UC Santa Barbara while the more northern of the two, the Bullion Mountain Array was managed by Dr. Yong-Gang Li.


The following SCSN catalog was used for some early data association and has some large data gaps.
This updated SCSN catalog was used in more recent associations.