Hector Mines Bullion Wash Array

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Processing Status

Here are some notes about problems noticed in timing and response.

Station Locations

UCSB volunteers performed a differential GPS survey of most of the stations in the array. The reference station was a Marine training stake. The absolute location accuracy of this station is not know, but was probably originally done with a handheld GPS. The relative locations from this reference station should be accurate to less than a centimeter and could be made even more accurate with further processing. The RINEX files are available for post processing.

The Reftek's GPS systems provides us with these locations which are probably good to within 10 m of the external gps location.

This schematic view of the Bullion Wash Array shows the general layout of the array. The bottom section is a blow up of the dashed section in the top part.

Station Information

This Information Table summarizes many of the attributes of the sites including sensor types and gains.

This timeline summarizes the array status during deployment.

Event Association and Data

The following event associated data sets are preliminary releases of the data. Processing details are listed for each one. The archive names are generally in the format YYJJJHHMMSS.tar.gz where the YYJJJHHMMSS represents the UTC timestamp of the earthquake occurance time. For the sac files, a lower case channel (n,s or u) indicates a velocity transducer. upper case channels (S,D or W) represent acceleration data.

We were hoping to have a cdrom created by the 1 year anniversary of the earthquake to distribute. We haven't quite gotten to that stage yet, but we expect to complete that soon. The cd will contain corrected data recorded on many stations. We appreciate any feedback that you can provide about the data quality and any problems that you may encounter. Contact: