UCSB Keck Project

Keck Symposium, July 18-19, 2002

Friction, Fracture, and Earthquake Physics

The Keck Program for Interdisciplinary Studies in Material Physics and Seismology is nearing the end of its third year, and we are planning a symposium aimed at identifying new opportunities for collaboration and progress in the areas listed below. The meeting will be held July 18-19, 2002 at UCSB in the Kohn Hall (KITP) large seminar room. The general announcement is followed by a specific list of speakers and talks below.

July 18-19, 2002
Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics
University of California, Santa Barbara

The Keck Program for Interdisciplinary Studies in Materials Physics and Seismology at UCSB will host a two day symposium aimed at developing a better understanding of the Physics and Materials Science underlying:
Friction, Fracture, and Earthquake Physics

The symposium will bring together a group of physicists, engineers, materials scientists, and seismologists for a two day series of lectures and informal discussions aimed at identifying new opportunities to develop connections between theoretical, numerical, and experimental advances in our fundamental understanding of friction, fracture, and deformation, and seismological applications of these results.


Thursday July 18, 2002

9:00-9:15 Jean Carlson UC Santa Barbara Introduction and Welcoming Remarks
9:15-10:00 Sid Nagel Univ of Chicago Jamming
10:00-10:45 Jerry Gollub Haverford Granular Shear Flow: Very Slow and Very Fast
10:45-11:15 Break
11:15-12:00 Delphine Gourdon UC Santa Barbara Effects of Large Load, Shear Rate and Temperature Variations on the Friction of a Branched Hydrocarbon Liquid
12:00-12:45 Terry Tullis Brown Progress Report on Measurements of Friction at High Slip Speeds with Seismological Implications
12:45-2:15 Lunch (on your own)
2:15-3:00 Jim Dieterich USGS Fault Friction and its Role in Earthquake Clustering
3:00-3:45 Jim Brune Univ Nevada, Reno Fault Gouge, Fault Creep, Heat Flow, and Rupture Dynamics in the Earth and in Foam Rubber Models
3:45-4:15 Break
4:15-5:00 Tom Heaton Caltech Why Are Earthquakes so Gentle
5:00-6:30 Posters (Wine and cheese will be provided)

Friday July 19, 2002

9:00-9:45 Ares Rosakis Caltech Intersonic Ruptures and the Story of the Square Root of Two Times the S-Wave Speed
9:45-10:30 Michael Marder Univ of Texas Friction and Fracture
10:30-11:00 Break
11:00-11:45 Michael Falk Univ of Michigan Shear Localization and Sliding Friction in Model Amorphous Solids
11:45-12:30 Jim Langer UCSB The STZ Theory of Plasticity and Dynamics of the Necking Instability
12:30-2:00 Lunch (on your own)
2:00-2:45 Jim Rice Harvard Dynamics of Rupture through Branched Fault Systems
2:45-3:30 Raul Madariaga École Normale Supérieure Rupture and Healing in Earthquake Dynamics
3:30-4:00 Break
4:00-4:45 David Oglesby UC Riverside Interactions of Nearby Fault Segments through Dynamic and Static Stress Transfer Analysis
4:45-5:00 Ralph Archuleta UC Santa Barbara Closing Remarks and Future Directions

Address and Directions

Attendees must obtain a parking permit from the parking kiosk at the eastern entrance to campus (off of Hwy 217 "Ward Memorial Drive"). Please make sure you arrive no later than 8:15AM to allow ample time to obtain a parking permit

For those staying at the Upham Hotel, a UCSB, 15 passenger van will be leaving each morning from the Upham to UCSB at 8:00AM and will return to the hotel after the workshop each night.

You may also get further directions to the KITP building at the parking kiosk.
Maps and more detailed information are available at UCSB's visitor center web page


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