The Rock Walk Lesson

By the Institute for Crustal Studies

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  1. Summary
  2. In this hour exercise the students will explore rocks and minerals. Specifically they will study the rock cycle, the three main rock types (igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic), common minerals, and the connection between minerals and rocks. This will be done by a rock/mineral sorting exercise and an activity of having the students stand up and act out the rock cycle. This will best work with 15 or less students

  3. Grade Level
  4. 3rd- 5th

  5. Subjects Covered

  6. Duration
  7. One hour or more

  8. Materials

  9. Vocabulary
  10. Unless noted, all definitions from the USGS website

  11. Procedure

  12. California State Science Standards Covered

  13. Resources/Bibliography
  14. All vocab definitions are provided by the US Geological Survey Website

  15. Notes and Comments
  16. Please comment here if you have preformed this lesson plan and have found ways to improve it, effective examples, new ideas for a lesson, etc.

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