The 1927 Lompoc Earthquake: Peculiar Effects

Some interesting effects were observed from this earthquake:

At the Roberds ranch, located southwest of Lompoc and close to the coast, ten to twenty sand blows were formed that were said to flow for about six hours. These sand blows occur when shaking from an earthquake causes the pore pressure of water trapped between sand particles to suddenly increase. The result is a fountain of water and sand coming straight out of the earth.

At another ranch near Lompoc, several pans of milk had been set out overnight to allow the cream to rise to the top. The earthquake shook the pans just enough to throw the cream onto the ground, leaving the milk still sitting in the pans.

After the earthquake, Dr. P. J. Bryson rushed to his second floor office in the Los Angeles National Trust building in Lompoc to see what damage had been done. He discovered much damage to furniture and equipment that he could do nothing about. He also discovered several of his gold fish lying on the floor. Returning them to their bowl, the fish quickly revived.

Also after the earthquake, hundreds of residents of Lompoc, probably recalling the earthquake damage in downtown Santa Barbara just two years earlier, hurried to downtown Lompoc. In too much of a hurry, a car driven by Wallace Grossi collided with a car driven by Mrs. Frank Jenks. The Grossi car overturned and skidded through the intersection. Wallace's brother, Waldo, was cut in the head. Since the Grossi car was no longer driveable, Mrs. Jenks drove Waldo to the hospital. This was the most serious injury to have been caused by the 1927 earthquake.

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