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2008-07-29: Due to a variety of maintenance and technical issues, the earthquake lists used by this page uses are no longer being updated, making this map functionally worthless. It will be taken down or replaced with a referring link in the near future. At some point we may take another stab at developing a replacement for "webquakes" but there is nothing planned at this time.

Please visit the Recent Earthquake Activity site hosted by the Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) for accurate and current earthquake information.

Thanks you for visiting this page and sorry for any inconvenience.

This map shows the last approximately 500 earthquakes detected by seismographs in southern California. Earthquake locations are updated based on Caltech's real-time picker. These locations are received over e-mail, usually within a few minutes of the earthquake's occurrence. Note that since these locations have not been human-reviewed, they may contain errors.


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This program was written by Grant Lindley, based on the program xquakes by Aaron Martin. Background image was produced by Geoff Ely.