Other Earthquake Web Sites

Santa Barbara Earthquake History
Historical information about Santa Barbara area earthquakes

Up-to-the-minute Southern California Earthquake Map
For Java-enabled browsers only

Cal Tech's Seismo Lab
The people you see interviewed on T.V.

The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake (Museum of the City of San Francisco)
Historical information about the 1906 San Francisco earthquake

U. S. Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center
General interest earthquake information including maps

U. S. Geological Survey, Earthquake Hazards Program
General interest earthquake information including hazard assessments

U. S. Geological Survey, Western Region
Lots of interesting earthquake information

Surfing the Internet for Earthquake Data
Mostly for researchers, but links to find maps, etc.

Earthquake Engineering Research Center at U. C. Berkeley
Lots of historical photographs

San Francisco Exploratorium Earthquake Info
"Hands on" earthquake education

Southern California Earthquake Center Data Center
The source for southern California earthquake information

The Busy Educators Guide to the World Wide Web
A collection of web links compiled by Marjan Glavac for educators

National Academy of Science
Articles about scientific contributions to current technological advances


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