Letter in October 2000 GSA Today by C. Sorlien and L. Seeber

Figure 1.This figure caption is modified from the one that appeared in GSA Today. Top: Our simplification of the block geometry shown in Aksu et al. (2000). We use faults drawn in heavy and medium line weights in their Figure 1 as our block boundaries.
Bottom: 1 Ma map restoration using Aksu et al. (2000) geometry, displacement at GPS station ERDE, and 1 counterclockwise rotation of Anatolia (McClusky et al. 2000). Dextral shear is interpretatively distributed between 5 km slip (south), 10 clockwise rotation (~4 km), and ~11 km slip (north). Gaps (pink) represent shortening, overlap is extension. Angle
f between axis of elongate blocks and the east-west faults that bound them is shown in inset. Distributed extension north of ERDE would reduce overlap at block boundaries.

Text of the letter and reply

last update: 28 September 2000