Hector Mines Bullion Mountain Array

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Data Processing Status

Station Locations

The following file contains the locations of the stations as obtained from the Reftek GPS systems. Absolutely best case for accuracy here would be 3-4 meters. We will post more accurate info or updates on the expected accuracy of these locations as we get it.

This schematic view of the Bullion Mountain Array shows the general layout of the array. The lower half of the page is a blowup of the dense array.

Event Associations

There has been an initial event association done already. We will post some subset of these event association once some timing corrections have been made.

    49 events with  20 stations
    36 events with  21 stations
    32 events with  22 stations
    26 events with  23 stations
    42 events with  24 stations
    37 events with  25 stations
    47 events with  26 stations
    51 events with  27 stations
    62 events with  28 stations
   222 events with  29 stations
     8 events with  30 stations

Events are available via anonymous ftp at ftp://ftp.crustal.ucsb.edu/eqs/hectormines/bma/events.

These events are from a preliminary association of the mountain array data. There is no timing information for the following DASs (7320, 7362, 7444, 7462).

There may be problems downloading files to Macs using netscape. Netscape from UNIX or fetch from the Mac seems to work just fine though. ls under the command line unix interface does not show directories even though they exist. dir or ls -l do show the directories.


This timeline of the BMA shows the status of the different stations.